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How to create a mandalla easily

Step 1: take a picture of your image


Divide a peice of art paper into 4 boxes with a ruler. Do any kind of doodle design you want. Notice I can even draw a very simple picture like in the last image. Then take your camera and take a picture of it using document scan, or scan using a scanner. You can do this at Staples. Most photocopiers are also scanners, and self serve at Staples or other office supply stores are dirt cheap. I usually fill in all four squares with a different design so I get 4 pictures for almost no work. Lately I just use document scan on my phone.

Step 2: Using rectangle select on paint


Once you have your photo you want to get each square on its own by simply using the select rectangle button on Paint. 

Step 3: Flip image vertical


Then you copy and paste and take the copied image and go to the rotate button and click "flip vertical", then you line them up to be stacked. 

Step 4: Flip horizontal


Then you copy the whole section, paste it, and the copied one, you will "flip horizontal". Line that up to be beside each other and facing each other and even a very simple 2 second doodle looks pretty cool!

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