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Self-publishing on a budget

This is just a little bit about what I did to publish. In order to publish my coloring book, I made a PDF copy including all the images. I took water-color and painted the one I wanted to use as a title page. 

Then I took the PDF to a printing press company. My city alone has over 10 of these. I printed out 1000 copies. I had already asked if I could partner with them to give 10% of my profits to them and write this on the back of the book. This means I have to keep detailed records of how many I sell, to who, and when. Once you make your first business donation you get on their website, but you have to be approved first. You don't have to decide to give 10% of your profits to charity, this was just something I had always wanted to do, and what better cause is there than providing people with clean water?

Now I go to craft shows, and give out samples of my work for free with my website printed on it. If they don't want to buy the product, they can visit the site and decide later. The traffic will pay for your website costs if you want to use a Google ad or two.

You can also take book copies or "book dummies" to places like Chapters and Indigo stores, which feature local authors/book creators. If you can get the word out about your book and get people to go in to those stores, they will keep having to stock the shelves with the book if it is popular. I'm in the process of doing that now. I called ahead and asked to speak to the manager in charge of local publications. McNally will do this but with a book machine, and they don't have saddle stitch. They have a book that costs approximately $10 or more to print out and then take 15% of the profits. This works great if you have a book that will cost $30 or more, and will actually sell. self publishing