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My Journey

 My passion has always been how to make the world a better place and also project based learning in my own life.

I have a quite random resume connected by this that includes things like creating this coloring book to help help people around the world without access to safe water and sanitation. I am involved in increasing awareness about protecting our earth with Angel Messenger by providing coloring pages with Earth and Indigenous themes.

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($1 USD donated for every coloring book sold)

You can see my coloring pages on Angel Messenger here:!/Coloring/c/18089024/offset=0&sort=normal

I’ve volunteered with refugee children in Canada, as well as in an orphanage in Kenya. I’ve taught French here and there and now I’m learning to speak Spanish. My next giant goal in life is going to Kalu Yala to learn about eco farming and business (hence learning Spanish). What I want to do with that is look into building and investing in sustainable housing, or inventions like the toilet that Water Aid India is building to save water in impoverished areas, which is an invention of Buckminster Fuller. I am also in the process of watching and reading every piece of material Robert Kiosaki has put out (Rich Dad Poor Dad) to figure out how can I get into the business of treating our planet with respect through business. I feel that hiddenwordscoloring is a step on this path. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and if you speak French, please go on to “en francais” and check out the 17 femmes francaises fameuses. These are great for any type of learning because you’re looking for keywords about their lives, and it can be a fun spelling exercise. As these, many of my searches may be used in educational purposes as I believe word searches can be. 


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