My Journey

This coloring book has been my passion project for the last year, and I'm so excited to be able to sell it in order to help raise funds for and fulfill my dream of publishing. 

I’ve been an international model for about 15 years, modeling for Betsy Johnson, Joico, Wella, Suzy Sheir, Warehouse one, Saan, and other companies. I’ve volunteered extensively all my life all over the world, including the middle east, Africa, the states, and Canada. I’ve volunteered in soup kitchens, low income housing, orphanages, care homes, and with refugees, and Indigenous people. I volunteered for 6 months in an orphanage in Kenya, which had an enormous impact on my life.

I'm interested in almost anything and everything. I love singing, playing piano, and writing French music on my ukulele. I could study quantum physics for hours on end, especially in researching real life applications like the water experiment and listening to affirmations. I write kids books and science fiction. I'm a huge movie buff, and watch way more reality TV than I should admit - shout out to Teen Mom and 90 Day Fiance. I love spending time getting to know my students, lesson planning exciting activities, and hanging out at French club. I could travel the rest of my life just visiting tropical locale. 

For over 10 years I worked as a fitness trainer and diet coach, until recently, when I started teaching high school French. I love my students and enjoy teaching very much. I’ve also worked at a MET school, which is project-based learning. My students learned curriculum through anything from designing and sewing clothing, to volunteering with shelter animals, to repairing bicycles. I think all curriculum should focus on real world-soft skills.

Here's the story of how I came up with the idea to combine word searches and coloring pages. One day, one of my students came to me with a drawing where I was supposed to find a hidden word inside a series of scribbles. I thought, ‘How cool would that be to make a coloring book with hidden words, where the word search IS the coloring book?’

About a year ago, I started making sketch after sketch. I would work until 3:30 every day, come home, and draw until late at night. I basically had two full time jobs. During this time, I think the first instance I saw the commercial was during Super-bowl half-time. It was the one with Matt Damon pranking Westerners, telling them they had no access to water at various places like hotels. They became enraged almost instantly, and then he explained that it was just a ruse, but that there are people who have no access to clean water for drinking and sanitation. There are others who may have to walk 6 or more hours to get clean water, and because of that, they can’t go to school or work. Their time life revolves around searching for clean water. gives them the clean water access they need close by, so they can work or go to school. I don’t think there are many worthier causes than clean accessible water. Before the ad even ended, I had already donated. I got excited about how I could get involved with my small coloring book business and decided to donate 10% of my profits to

My goals for the future are to sell at least 1000 of my coloring books, and to publish other works of mine, including various science fiction and children’s books. My ultimate goal is to go back to Kenya and start a school to help orphans. I have a plan for my school to use my project based learning and French training. What I would love to do is teach French, English, and Swahili in order to graduate world class citizen-polyglots. I want to start our days off with dance, yoga, and surfing, and spend the rest of it learning languages, math, music, and doing hands-on projects. Please send a positive thought or prayer for me that one day I’ll fulfill my dream of living in Kenya and helping children orphaned by AIDS. 



Help a worthy cause

There are billions of people around the world without access to safe water and sanitation - We are supporting to help change this. 10% of book sale profits go to